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A wonderful article in Saveur, on Honey from a Weed by Patience Gray 

And a best book recommendation, from Ms Marmite Lover –

Barges and Bread by Di Murrell (Prospect Books)

Di Murrell spends much of her time on the water, mostly on British canals. This fascinating food history book deals with grain transport on the river, the time when domestic commerce was usually via the inland water network, prior to the first British motorway built in 1959. The chapters cover  pre-history, the earliest farmers, the Romans, London and the Thames and at the end of the book, her personal history on the water.

She talks of ‘the constancy of bread’ as a food product to be transported, and of course families and businesses living upon the water needed to bake their own. She veers into Michael Pollan territory, that cooking is essential for humans, that raw ingredients were never enough to sustain our large brains.

There are recipes: the earliest form of bread- flatbread; Essene bread – sprouted and ‘cooked’ in sunlight; Ezekiel bread – a bible recipe that God gave to the Israelites; Maslin bread – a medieval loaf; Manchet bread- using beer; an Anglo-Saxon bread. Murrell delves into the history of flour, what type of flour we use, mostly imported Canadian, and artisanal flour from local mills (something I always buy when I come across them).
Today fewer people eat proper bread as a result of the mechanised Chorleywood process “though problematically, growing numbers of people are finding that this same daily bread makes them ill”.

I read this book while on the Norfolk Broads earlier this year. It’s an interesting, gripping, philosophical, practical, food history from an original perspective.

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