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  • The Art and Mystery of Food This a blog of a keen researcher into food history, particularly in Scotland. His articles are well researched and informative.
  • Old and Vintage Cookbooks As the number of specialist dealers in cookery and food books declines in Britain, so another rises high in the firmament of places the collector must visit. Full online catalogue and often competitive prices.
  • Early Vegetarian Recipes With recipes dating from 1691 up to 1914, ‘Early Vegetarian Recipes’ explores what life was like for vegetarians and food reformers in the days before veggie sausages were readily available. Recipes from 20 writers are included, and it would be hard to imagine today’s explosion in vegetarian ingredients, ready meals and restaurant options without these inspirational men and women.
  • Black Cat Books Specialist Dealer in Books and Journals on Cookery and Food History since 1984. Supplier of antiquarian and second-hand books to libraries, institutions and individual collectors, worldwide.
  • Coquinaria A culinary website on food from Roman times, derived from ars coquinaria, as the art of preparing food was called in the Middle Ages. Much of the site is in Dutch, but plenty is in English.
  • Athenaeum bookstore A Dutch bookstore that actually stock copies of PPC as well as many other Prospect titles.
  • http://www.foodcomm.org.uk England’s premier food campaigning body for those who like a spoonful of intellectual jollop with their chips.
  • http://www.gardenerandcook.com A UK website mainly offering second-hand cookery books, the gardening side being still in development. The owner is in the process of opening a retail shop (with new books) in Tunbridge Wells.
  • The Food Museum The FOOD Museum celebrates food history and food heritage sites as it examines the past, present and future of the world’s food. It researches, collects, preserves, exhibits and explains the history and social significance of food. The FOOD Museum brings artifacts and programs to where people gather, both in person and on-line.
  • Andrew Dalby’s Food Words Andrew Dalby’s home page and a rapidly growing site focusing on languages, food history, the names of foods in many languages, and books about these subjects. New quotations and definitions, new pages and links added five times a week.
  • Steven Simpson Books An English dealer who specialises in fish, natural history, dogs and deer who also is the UK agent for the UN FAO publications division. If you click on Pot Luck under the rubric ‘Catalogues’, you will get his food catalogue which includes second-hand as well as new titles.
  • Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project A site which has both digital images of the pages as well as searchable scanned texts of 76 American cookbooks from the 18th century to the present day. Highly professional.
  • Online Culinary History Network A voluntary cooperative where they have listed English culinary texts from the medieval period to 1700 and have provided click-through links to people’s transcriptions, pdfs, or scans of a few of them.
  • Culinary Historians of Ontario The Culinary Historians of Ontario is an information network for foodways research in Ontario. It is an organization for anyone interested in Ontario’s historic food and beverages, from those of the First Nations to recent immigrants. We research, interpret, preserve and celebrate Ontario’s culinary heritage.
  • The David Brown Book Company The David Brown Book Company used to be Prospect Books’ US distributor. We are now distributed by Consortium Book Sales in the USA.
  • www.foodhistorynews.com The American food historian, Sandra Oliver’s journal/newsletter Food History News has now migrated from print to entirely web-based operation. The site is instructive on all matters of American food history.
  • Marleen Willebrands The Dutch website of the culinary historian Marleen Willebrands containing facsimiles and other files relating to half a dozen of important early Dutch cookery books. She has kindly translated some of the material into English.
  • Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture Gastronomica is the US journal of food studies and food history edited by Darra Goldstein. It is mainly useful for purchasing back issues and for conducting title searches for earlier articles.
  • Books for Cooks, Australia Books for Cooks, Australia is a Melbourne bookstore (in Fitzroy) run by Tim and Amanda White. They stock most of Prospect’s titles as well as PPC. As we have no Australian distributor, this is a great service and their catalogue is accessible via the World Wide Web.
  • Gardening and Planting by the Moon This site is devoted to Nick Kollerstrom’s astrological activities including his gardeners’ calendar for times of best planting etc., according to the precepts of Rudolph Steiner and others. We used to publish Nick’s calendars so include this link for old times sake.
  • Index to PPC issues 1–55 This link takes you to a cumulative index of early PPCs as well as to the Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium up to 1994. There is also material relating to the late Alan Davidson’s Oxford Companion and other activities.
  • Ivan Day’s Historic Food Site Ivan is Britain’s foremost reconstructionist cook, able to make a bewildering variety of pies, cakes and ices, as well as countless other dishes just as they might have been made in previous centuries. He also holds residential courses when these skills are imparted to the world at large. The site is full of recipes, grand photographs of previous achievements, and lots of other material about early British cookery.
  • The Digital Librarian The Digital Librarian is a site that has thousands of hyperlinks to sources of all sorts of information. This section relates to food and drink and food-writing as well as to some food history. Much, but not all, relates to the USA.
  • Cindy Renfrow Cindy Renfrow maintains an interesting site devoted to culinary history and brewing history. Her links to web resources are impressive.
  • Central Books
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