A new chapter is beginning from September 2014, as Prospect Books will now be run by Marion Boyars Publishers, with Catheryn Kilgarriff at the helm, but with Tom Jaine still involved in an editorial and guiding role.

Catheryn Kilgarriff has run Marion Boyars Publishers since her mother, Marion Boyars, passed away in 1999. She published authors who quickly became famous, including Elif Shafak (The Flea Palace & The Gaze), Baghdad Burning by Riverbend, the first woman Iraqi blogger, and had commercial successes including K: The Art of Love by Hong Ying and The Alchemy of Paint by Spike Bucklow. She is on the Writers in Translation committee at English Pen, and a volunteer for Richmond Libraries, and her life is organised around her love of books.

Prospect Books was founded by the late Alan Davidson and his wife Jane Davidson in 1979, at the same time as their journal of food history Petits Propos Culinaires. Since 1993, Prospect Books has been owned by Tom Jaine (pictured here), Petits Propos Culinaires following it to Devon in the year 2000. Prospect Books continues to publish books only about cookery, food history and the ethnology of food. It is one of the very few British publishers to specialise in this field and produces four to eight books a year. Petits Propos Culinaires is published three times a year and contains articles, sometimes extracts from books or reprints, as well as reviews of current publications. More information is obtainable elsewhere on the site.I reproduce here a two-part article by the late Alan Davidson describing the activities of Prospect Books and PPC from the time of its foundation in 1979. I have not included any of the illustrations in the articles. The originals can be found in PPC 47 and 48 of 1994. tomalice
A rear view of the chief executive of Prospect Books, with his spouse, a dog and a pig.Profile of Tom Jaine in the Telegraph

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