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13 Florence White’s Good Food Register, 1935  
53 Gingerbread Jenny Kingsley
61 The Inventory of Walter Stanhope of Leeds, 1759 Eileen White
89 Food as Metaphor for Good and Evil in Biographies of the Later Roman Emperors Michael Beer
103 Book Reviews  


  Book Reviews

Notes on Contributors

MICHAEL BEER has completed a doctoral dissertation on the role of dietary restriction in the construction of identity in the Graeco-Roman world at the University of Exeter. A book, provisionally entitled Taste or Taboo: Dietary Choices in Antiquity, is in preparation at Prospect Books. He teaches in Exeter. JENNY KINGSLEY is an American writer and journalist living in London. EILEEN WHITE lives in Bradford and is involved with the Leeds Symposium on Food History, having edited and contributed to many of the proceedings published by Prospect.