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9 Antarctic Cooking Gerard Baker
20 Jacob Boehme and the Foundations of a Vegetarian Food Ideology Ken Albala
30 Drunkards, Belly-Gods & Servants of the Paunch: Food References in Florio’s Translation of The Decameron Eden Rain and David Waiddon
52 A Marlin’s Tale Lisa Curtis
58 A Neuroanatomy of Flavour G. Neil Martin
83 English Portable Soup Receipts ca. 1600 1750 David Potter
96 La Gastronomie, the second canto Joseph Berchoux
111 William Lawson, a Covert Hermetic? Anthony Lyman-Dixon
125 An Inventory from the Abbey of Coggeshall, 1295 Peter Weinrich
129 Italian Figs Peter Weinrich
132 Book Reviews  
144 Notes & Queries  
151 Index to PPC 66-75