PPC 018




6 Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7 Notes from the Editors

9 Of Funeral Biscuits, Peter C. D. Brears

17 A 400th Anniversary, John F. Preston

19 The Cocido Madrileno; A Case of Culinary Adhocism, Alicia Rios

29 Symposia in Turkey and Spain, Claudia Roden and Alan Davidson

34 Marmalade in New Found Lands, C. Anne Wilson

40 Joseph Cooper, Chief Cook to Charles I, Louise A. Richardson and J. R. Isabell

54 ‘Laban, Laban’: An Essay on Cooking with Yoghurt, Furugh Afnan Hourani

61 Notes and Queries

Food in Wartime Netherlands, Professor L. B. Holthuis: How Old is Summer Pudding? Lynda Brown: A Single-Recipe Book, D. Jon Grossman: Mrs Molokhovets, Joyce Toomre

66 Book Reviews

Elizabeth David, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine: Jane and Michael Stern, Square Meals: Gwen Skinner, The Cuisine of the South Pacific: Yan-Kit So, Yan-Kit’s Classic Chinese Cookbook: Alice Waters, Patricia Curtan & Martine Labro, Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza and Calzone: La Guida d’Italia 1984: Peter Benes (ed), Foodways in the North East: Barbara Santich (ed), The Upstart Cuisine (proceedings of the First Symposium on Australian Gastronomy): Louise Conway Belden, The Festive Tradition, Table Decoration and Desserts in America, 1650—1900: and Shorter Notices and Books Received

72 Our Addresses and Prices