PPC 014




6 Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7 Japan’s Cuisine: a Story of Continuity, Margaret L Leibenstein

17 Quizzing Glasse: or Hannah Scrutinized, Part II, Jennifer Stead

31 Filimonov: a Russian Brillat-Savarin?, Lesley Chamberlain

39 Locke’s ‘Coquinaria’, Jean S Yolton

45 ‘Aubergines Dursun’, Osman Mardin

48 Seventeenth Century Chocolate, Maggie Black

55 Le cuisinier gascon, Barbara Wheaton

58 Notes and Queries

Tracta/Trahanas/Kishk, Charles Perry: Voiders, Mary Wonderausch: Roasting Your Own Coffee, Ralph Hancock: ‘Striebelie’[?], Jean Yolton

61 Book Reviews

Jean-Louis Flandrin with Philip and Mary Hyman (ed.), Le cuisinier francçoise [and three other 17th century French cookery books]: Barbara Wheaton, Savoring the Past – The French Kitchen and Table from 1300 to 1789: Michael Symons, One Continuous Picnic: William Woys Weaver, Sauerkraut Yankees: Eliza Smith, The Compleat Housewife [reprint]: Rena Salaman, Greek Food: Arto Der Harotounian, The Yoghurt Book: Isaac Cronin, Jay Harlow and Paul Johnson, The California Seafood Cookbook: Christopher Driver, The British at Table 1940-1980: and Shorter Notices and Books Received

70 Announcements and News About Our Books

72 Our Addresses and Prices