PPC 003 (PDF only)




6  Note on bibliographies used and abbreviations

7  Introduction

9  The Harvest of Cold Months, Elizabeth David

17  Facsimile Facts, Mark Cherniavsky

24  Moussaka Minceur, Paul Levy

25  Autumn Preserves, Jane Davidson

28  Greensauce, Jennifer Stead

31  Book Reviews

33  Mole Poblano and Turkey, Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz

38  Mrs Berry’s Trifle, Janet Ward

39  Banketting Stuffe, Elizabeth David

45  The Technology of Cooking in the British Isles, 1600 to 1950, Part II: Gas and Electricity, Caroline Cookson

55  An Eighteenth Century Kitchen Garden at Christmas, Elizabeth David

56  The Bakers Strike Again, Elizabeth David

58  Notes and Queries