Staple Foods


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Published Sep 1990

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Oxford Symposium

Staple Foods

Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 1989

There was a fine range of papers submitted to this Symposium in 1989. The keynote talks were by Keith Botsford in the staples of Italian cooking; the staple foods of the classical world, by Andrew Dalby; and a speculation on whether cuisines based largely on processed foods have any staples at all, by Erica Wheeler. The sorts of foods discussed by the various contributors include rice, maize, polenta, wheat, other grains, potatoes, root crops, beans and herring.


Staples: Some Considerations on the Nature of Staples Especially in Regard to Italy Keith Botsford
In Search of the Staple Foods of Prehistoric and Classical Greece Andrew Dalby
Do Processed Societies Have Staple Foods? Erica F:Wheeler
Bulgur – An Important Wheat Product in the Cuisine of Contemporary Assyrians in the Middle East Michael Abdalla
Pasta – Not Only Italian Massimo Alberini
Buckwheat – Food for Peasants and Pheasants Josephine Bacon
The Significance of Wheat in Judaeo-Christian Religion Josephine Bacon
History and Perspectives of Staple Foods in Africa Dr. Esther Balogh
The Ever-Evolving Store Cupboard Suzy Benghiat
Survival Kit (16th Century Seamen’s Fare) Maggie Black
The Date Palm: Pillar of Society Holly Chase
Atolli: A Liquid Staple Dr. Sophie D. Coe
Polenta – An Italian Staple Anna Del Conte
Staple Foods of the American West Coast John Doerper
Different Methods of Baking Bread in Private Households – A Comparison of Working Time, Quality and Costs Martina Ehnle, Comelie Pfau, Johannes Piekarski
The Metamorphic Potato: A Revolutionary Root Dr. Beatrice Fink
Rice and Traditional Ceremony in Japan Yoshiko Hirasawa
Tarhana – From Steppe to Empire Maria Johnson
Beans of the Southwestern United States Indians Mary Wallace Kelsey
The Flavour of Japan Max Lake
Maize as a Staple Food Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz
Corn – A Staple from the New World Janet Laurence
A Dictionary of Edible Aroids Jenny Macarthur
Unfair Game Carolyn McCrum
Traditional Table Manners in Dagestan Dr. Magomedkhan Magomedkhanov & Sergi Luguev
Rice, a Staple Food in Spain Lourdes March
Healthy – or a Health Hazard – Yesterday’s Diet, Today’s Disaster Dr. H. Morrow Brown
Three Staples of Indonesia: Rice, Coconuts, Tempeh Sri Owen with Roger Owen
Couscous and its Cousins Charles Perry
Wine, Women and Song: The Staples of Life Graham Pont
Fishery and the Utilization of Fish Products in Russia and the USSR Professor T. S. Rass
The Importance of Herring in the Daily Life of the Coastal Population of Norway Dr Astri Riddervold
Sylvester Graham and the Origins of the Breakfast Food Industry Elizabeth Riely
Vilhjalmur Stefansson and the All-Meat Diet Gillian Riley
A Medieval Staple. Verjuice in France and England Brenda S. Rose
Wheat, Staple Food for the Dead Rena Salaman
Ancient Vegetarianism – Staple Foods and Customs in Azerbaijan Dr. Emil Salmanov
Feed the Man Meat Barbara Santich
Roots and Other Garden Vegetables in the Diet of Londoners, c.1550–1650, and Some Responses to Harvest Failures in the 1590’s Malcolm Thick
Wheat and Rice Recipes of India Kathie Webber
Rye, a Daily Bread and a Daily Treat Joop Witteveen
Rice and Wheat in Middle Eastern Cultures Sami Zubaida