Public Eating


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Published Sep 1992

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Oxford Symposium

Public Eating

Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 1991

There was a fine range of papers submitted to this Symposium in 1991. The keynote talk was by Sami Zubaida The papers include discussions of the topic as reflected in conditions in Nigeria (Esther Balogh); Mexico (Sophie Coe); Transylvania (Andrew Dalby); Great Britain (Christopher Driver); British Hospitals (Bobby Freeman); Japan (Richard Hosking); United States (Tom Hudgins); Hungary (Louis Szathmary); and Ancient Greece (John Wilkins).


Utility and Symbol in Public Eating Sami Zubaida
Feeding the 42,000. Public Institutional Eating: The British Army in the Gulf Dr. Joan P. Alcock
The Whistle-Blowers: the Darker Side of Public Eating with Reviews of Two Books from Abroad Josephine Bacon
Eating out in Nigeria – from Food Vendors to The Sheritan Dr. Esther Balogh
Slow Starvation. Some Notes Concerning the Feeding of Children in Nineteenth Century Institutions Maggie Black & Priscilla Bain
Identity with Mycenaean Ancestors in Cult Meals at Ancient Greek Sanctuaries Prof. Phyllis P. Bober
The Company of Qahwa Holly Chase
Two Sixteenth Century Banquets in Mexico Dr. Sophie D. Coe
Transylvanian Inns and Travellers Andrew Dalby
Pasta Eating in the Streets of Naples June di Schino
Street Food/Road Food in the Pacific Northwest John Doerper
Postgate in Partibus Christopher Driver
Singapore Street Food Hugo Dunn-Meynell
Balut to Barbecue: Philippine Street Food Professor Doreen G. Fernandez
Hospital Food Bobby Freeman
Table Top Cooking Elizabeth Gabay
Pavement Food, Packed Meals and Picnics in Japan Professor Richard F. Hosking
The Beer Taverns of Prague Sharon Hudgins
Burger and Fries: from White Castles to Golden Arches Tom Hudgins
Teenagers frequenting a Snack-Bar Preben L. Johannesen
The English Tea Room Dr. Brigid Keane & Olive Portnoy
Dining out in Ancient Rome Mary Wallace Kelsey
Street Food in Hawaii Judith M. Kirkendall
The American Hot Dog Stand Professor Bruce Kraig
Food, Drink, and Swahili Public Space Robert A. Leonard & Wendy J. Saliba
Camp Cookery in the American Civil War: the Florence Nightingale and Alexis Soyer Connections Professor Daniel & Mrs Janice Longone
Field Food – Men’s Business Elisabeth Luard
Gobble, Gulp and Go Jeremy MacClancy
Ice Cream and Immorality Francis McKee
Learning How to Eat in Public: School Dinners Laura Mason
The Oyster House – Then and Now Richard C. Mieli
Eating Out in the Ancient Near East Janny de Moor
Pre-Columbian Mark Food and its Descendants Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz
Public Eating, Public Manners in Asia Sri & Roger Owen
Judhabah and Lauzinaj: Or What to Order in 9th Century Baghdad Charles Perry
Temperance Hotels and ‘Those Damned Cold Water Drinking Societies’ Jo Marie Powers & Dorothy Duncan
Giovedi Gnocchi, Sabato to Trippa Gillian Riley
The Asianisation of the Australian Palate Cherry Ripe
Public Eating in Afghanistan Helen Saberi
Chez soi chez eux Alice Wooledge Salmon
Chellow Kabab – The National Dish of Iran Margaret Shaida
Marketplace and Street Food in Hungary 1850 to 1950 Dr. Louis Szathmary
Coffee Houses in the Eighteenth Century Greta Verdin
From Turtle to Tripe: Philadelphia Pepperpot, A Street Food from the West Indies William Woys Weaver
Penny Licks and Hokey Pokey, Ice Cream before the Cone Robin Weir
Expositions Universelles Barbara K. Wheaton
Public (and Private) Eating in Greece 450-300 BC Dr. John Wilkins
Historical Attitudes to Women Eating in Restaurants Anne Williams