Food and Landscape


ISBN: 978-1-909-248-62-5
Published July 2018; 448 pages:
174 x 246 mm; paperback, b & w illustrations;


Food and Landscape

Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2017


One may expect a symposium on landscape, or terroir, to be a fabulous celebration of the beautiful, bountiful and luscious green hills, valleys and fields we love to think about when the countryside is in our minds. Well, some of the papers celebrated the fruits of the earth, from scallops to mutton in the Highlands, so much tastier than lamb. But as the three days of the symposium progressed, we became aware of how we must change our ways, in order to keep these images of beautiful landscapes a reality. There are dangers ahead, from the effects of climate change, the threat of Brexit to farms which will lose all subsidy, and changing weather patterns in Kenya.

In such context, many Symposium presentations not only demanded careful attention to how humans have affected the landscape but also became calls for action.