Seafood of South-East Asia


ISBN-10 1-903018-23-4

ISBN-13 978-1-903018-23-1

Published Dec 2003

368 pages; 246×174 mm; trade paperback; b&w illustrations



Alan Davidson

Seafood of South-East Asia

This completes the republication of Alan Davidson’s magisterial surveys of fish and seafood. In an addictive cocktail of anecdote and lore the book combines a scientific catalogue of edible marine creatures with recipes drawn from those countries which border the South China Sea and the eastern Indian Ocean. Few books are as exhaustive or as enthusiastic. As more warm-water fish are available in Britain, so the raw materials which Davidson describes so eloquently can be deployed at myriad tables. The delicate skill with which so many facts are deployed is at once playful and learned; accurate, yet with an eye to the surreal. The book was first published in Singapore and Hong Kong in 1976; it has been entirely revised. The cover and typography are uniform with Mediterranean and North Atlantic. This is also published in America by Ten Speed Press.