Geraldene Holt’s Cakes


ISBN-13 978-1-903018-75-0

Published May 2011

224 pages; 234×156 mm; paperback with flaps; b&w illustrations

Price £18


Geraldene Holt

• A revision and reconstruction of the classic Cake Stall

• Recipes that will please families of all ages

• A brilliant compendium of the best of British cakes and biscuits

The earliest version of this book (which was the cookery writer Geraldene Holt’s first work) was the result of years of baking for the Tiverton Pannier Market in Devon. People soon recognised that here was a talent for writing books that helped in the kitchen and that here was a great collection of recipes that scored bullseye after bullseye. Most people’s copies of this had started to fall apart after thirty years of baking. A new edition that took into account some changes in taste and some improvements in technique seemed to be called for. Prospect is honoured to have the chance to publish this reworking. This is not a picture-book with recipes, although there are some textual embellishments. Cakes don’t really need pictures, they need reliable instructions. These are here in spades: from tray bakes to fruit cakes, to sponges and biscuits, teacakes to scones, little morsels for a mouthful to great big Christmas specials. There has been a plethora of baking books of late, but this should not detract from the success of this most reliable and intelligent of manuals. It is not too large, it is not too small. The recipes are laid out clearly and fall conveniently to the page (a more important matter than most people think).   Geraldene Holt has become one of Britain’s best-loved cookery writers. Her books have been especially strong in the fields of baking and of herbs and gardening – drawing on her experiences at her house in southern France as well as in middle England. Before she began writing, she was a potter. An extract with some recipes can be found here: Cakes extract