Food from Childhood


ISBN -13: 978-1-909248-61-8
Publication date: 22 July 2019
336pp. paperback with flaps
Size: 216 x 135mm


by Josh Sutton

Food from Childhood

feeding the future

• Josh Sutton looks at the types of food we eat as we grow from babies to leaving home.
•What nutrients do we really need? And as parents, how do we feed  our children so they grow and develop well, and most importantly, learn to cook for themselves?
February 2021 – The Week Junior – Josh Sutton shows how to make interesting baked beans, with smoked paprika and star anise, and no sugar.

Josh Sutton argues that not only is it true that ‘we are what we eat’ but also what we eat and how we react to it, can affect both the types of food available to us, and also the way in which it is produced. The food we are offered in childhood determines how we learn to eat, and our future food choices, and is an important part of our make-up. We assume that wealth and privilege determine our sense of being satiated and well-fed, but history shows us that often the children of the upper classes could be as under fed as those living in abject poverty.

This book follows the developmental stages of growth in childhood, showing how different cultures adapt to their surroundings and the needs of their children, and then providing recipes which will assist the parent of today in the difficult task of choosing the right way to feed a growing child.

Josh Sutton is a writer and illustrator on food and travel. He writes and illustrates a regular column in Camping Magazine and his features have appeared in The Guardian, The Yorkshire Post, Petits Propos Culinaires and a number of other publications including; Country Walking Magazine, The Big Issue and Green Parent Magazine. He has written two books for Prospect Books, Food Worth Fighting For, and Outdoor Ovens. Food Worth Fighting For was shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers Award in 2017. His first book, Guyrope Gourmet, came out in 2013.