Food & Drink in Archaeology 4


ISBN-13 978-1-909248-35-9


176 pages; 246×174 mm; paperback with flaps; 50 b&w illustrations



The papers given at this conference range over many historic and prehistoric periods as well as regions. Great strides have been made in recent decades in the various forms of botanical and physical analysis of archaeological finds which have enabled students to gain greater insight into diet and cooking technologies than was possible when all they had to go on was the survival of artefacts. These papers emanate from the cutting edge of archaeological research, among postgraduates and young lecturers from here and overseas. The main articles cover the following topics:

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    • Cookery in the Ertebølle Culture in Southern Scandinavia (5th millennium BC)
    • Lifestyles in Early Iron Age Corinthia (1200–680 BC), Greece
    • Provisioning and Diet in Anglo-Saxon Southampton
    • Food and Drink in the London Playhouses of the 16th and 17th centuries.
    • Honey and Bees in British Prehistory.
    • Contextualising the Animal Remains from the Kabeirion Sanctuary at Thebes
    • The Exploitation of Hares in British Prehistory
    • Malting grains
    • Evidence of Roman diet from the sewer at Herculaneum
    • Nutritional Analysis of Medieval Skeletons from Durrës, Albania