Food and Religion


This page links to a collection that is part of  the Equinox Religion Library where it draws together abstracts of all journal articles and book chapters published by Equinox (we publish 16 journals in religious studies and have an active book list) that pertain to the topic of food and religion.  It is updated monthly.  The abstracts provide links to the originating book or journal.

We look forward to adding citations from Prospect books, Symposia papers and PPC articles to this resource.

The image is taken from an article that appeared in a recent issue of the journal Archaeology of Food & Foodways that concerns the Gamo Boreda, who live in the highlands of southern Ethiopia,  where feasting and the drinking of beer represents status and seniority and has a long tradition of connecting the living with their ancestors. Here, women in a village prepare to carry a beer jar to a local wedding. Photography:John W. Arthur