Food and Drink in Archaeology 2


ISBN-13 978-1-903018-68-2

Published Jan 2010

160 pages; 246×174 mm; paperback; 36 b&w photographs and charts

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Food and Drink in Archaeology

Food and Drink in Archaeology 2

University of Nottingham Postgraduate Conference 2008

This is the second volume of a series from the Department of Archaeology at Nottingham University. Save for the keynote essay by the archaeologist of Roman Britain, Hilary Cool, all the authors are postgraduate researchers.

While the importance of nutrition for survival has long been recognised, increasing emphasis is being put on the cultural significance of the production, distribution and consumption of foodstuffs throughout all archaeological periods. These papers reflect an interest in the sorts of foods consumed, the ways in which they were consumed, and the consequences of their consumption.

Contributions range widely over Europe and Asia and cover several forms of historical or archaeological investigation based on documentary and visual records as well as excavation and chemical analysis. In like manner, a number of different historical and prehistorical eras are under discussion.

Some of the chapters cover the following subjects: Irish names in a London cemetery; Re-enactment and Ritual Consumption; The economic, social and environmental implications of faunal remains from the Bronze Age Copper Mines at Great Orme, North Wales; From dairy to beef in 18th century north-east England; Negotiating Gender at the Middle Class Tea-Table in 18th and 19th Century England; An Isotopic Approach to Diet in Medieval Spain; Politics, Religion and Food Consumption in Pre-Roman Veneto, Italy.

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