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Oxford Symposium


Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2011

• Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2011 •
• 38 essays by international scholars •The Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2011. In keeping with this happy event, celebration was the subject of this year’s meeting. Symposiasts have taken their usual broad and generous approach to the topic. So papers range in geographical relevance from highland Equador through Transylvania, Anatolia, Congo-Brazzaville, Iceland, and old Los Angeles. Chronologically too, several periods are addressed: ancient Rome, Ptolomaic Egypt, Ottoman Turkey, Georgian Dublin, and Victorian London.The occasions of celebration considered run from wedding breakfasts, birthday parties, Easter, harvest festival, and Passover, while the sorts of celebration include banquets, drinking bouts, the Icelandic thorrablot, and election day feasts.Authors include from America, Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus, Anthony Buccini,  Sharon Hudgins, Charles Perry; from Turkey, Aylin Tan and Priscilla Mary Isin; from England, Robert Appelbaum, Andrew Dalby, Christopher Grocock, Gillian Riley, David C. Sutton, and from Israel, Susan Weingarten.


Foreword Mark McWilliams
The Celebratory and the Everyday: Guinea Pigs, Hamburgers and the Performance of Food Heritage in Highland Ecuador Emma-Jayne Abbots
Celebrating Solitude: M.F. K. Fisher on Dining Alone Robert Appelbaum
Celebration and Japanese Food Kimiko Barber
Transylvanian Lambs and Easter Tables: Celebrations in Danger of Extinction Rosemary Barron and Kate Hawkings
It Was Divine … Gods and their Food in the Ancient Greek World Kim Beerden
Sukkot: The Paradigmatic Harvest Festival Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus
Chi vuol godere la festa, digiuni la vigilia: On the Relationship between Fasting and Feasting Anthony F. Buccini
A History of the Wassail Bowl: From Pagan Brew to Christian Custard Joanna Crosby
Celebrating Hellenism far from Hellas: Feasts and Festivals of Ptolemy II of Egypt Andrew Dalby
The ‘Floating Feasts’ of Ancient Rome John F. Donahue
The Great Aussie Barbecue Len Fisher
Celebrating Christmas and New Year with Punch Elizabeth Gabay
Long Life to You! Drinking and Celebrating in Ancient Rome in the Festival of Anna Perenna Christopher Grocock
Celebrating with Altamiras: The Spirit of Fiesta Food Vicky Hayward
Buttering Up the Sun: Russian Maslenitsa from Pagan Practice to Contemporary Celebration Sharon Hudgins
Celebrating with Sweets in Ottoman Turkey Priscilla Mary Işın
Royal Pomp: Viceregal Celebrations and Hospitality in Georgian Dublin Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire and Tara Kellaghan
The Unavoidable Ham Biscuit Mark McWilliams
North and South: Two Banquets Given to Promote the Great 1851 Exhibition Valerie Mars
Dining with the Drapers: The Drapers’ Company 1564 Election Day Feast as a Map of Elizabethan London Sarah Ann Milne
Feast for a King: The Wine and Food Society’s Carême Banquet at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Joan Navarre
Keeping Kosher: Cause for Celebration? Felicity Newman
The Midwinter Celebration in Antarctica: Feeding Body and Soul Diana Noyce
The Bull’s Head Breakfast in Old Los Angeles Charles Perry
Underground Restaurants – A New Way to Celebrate with Strangers Heike Pethe and Sabine Cikic
On Mfúúmbu, Nkasa, and Whisky: A Wedding Celebration in Kimbonga-Louamba (Congo-Brazzaville) Birgit Ricquier
Tableware and Taste: Ceramic Production and the Presentation of Banquet Food Gillian Riley
Þorrablót – Icelandic Feasting Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir and Michael R. Leaman
Celebrating Life in Multicultural Rotterdam: A Visual Approach Linda Roodenburg
M.F. K. Fisher, W. H. Auden, and Thanksgiving for a Habitat Seth Rosenbaum
Cake: The Centrepiece of Celebrations Marietta Rusinek
Celebrating Purim and Passover: Food and Memory in the Creation of Jewish Identity Georg Schäfer and Susan Weingarten
Prints Charming: Nineteenth-Century New York Cake Boards and New Year’s Cake Kimberly Sorensen
The Festive Fruit: A History of Figs David C. Sutton
Be Merry, Around a Wheat Berry! The Significance of Wheat in Anatolian Rituals and Celebrations Aylin Öney Tan
The Rise of Taste and the Rhetoric of Celebration Viktoria von Hoffmann
Celebrations and the Torrid Pleasures of an Ice-Cream and Sorbet Tree in Rome in August 1714 Robin Weir
The Origins of the Celebration of St Cosmas and St Damian in Rio de Janeiro Marcia Zoladz