The Meal


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Published Sep 2002

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Oxford Symposium

The Meal

Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2001

The Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery continues to be the premier English conference on these topics, gathering academics, professional writers and amateurs from Britain, the USA, Australia and many other countries. Prospect Books has published these proceedings since 1981 with a short break in 2001–2003. The scope of this volume is revealed from the list of contents below.


Folk Mexican Street Food and the Morality of the Meal Joy Adapon
Hunting for Breakfast in Medieval and Early Modern Europe Ken Albala
The Funerary Meal in the Cult of the Dead in Classical Roman Religion Joan P. Alcock
Food in the Passover Seder Michael Ashkenazi
The German-Texan Meal 1831–2001 Gwen Barclay
Dining by Design Peter Brown
The Flattest Meal – Pancakes in the Dutch Lowlands Janny de Moor
The Oyster Supper Dorothy Duncan
The Filipino Meal: Swift, Slow; Sweet, Sour; Adazzle, Dim †Doreen G. Fernandez and Pia Lim Castillo
The Middle to Late Sixteenth-Century English Upper-Class Meal Judy Gerjuoy
Moretum – a Peasant Lunch Revisited Christopher Grocock and Sally Grainger
A Thousand Years of Japanese Banquets Richard Hosking
Perpetual Picnics – The Meal in the UAE Philip Iddison
Structuring the Meal: the Revolution of Service à la Russe Cathy K. Kaufman
Ring the Doorbell with your Elbow: a Light-hearted Look at the American Potluck Meal Mary Wallace Kelsey
Meals and Mealtimes, 1600–1800 Gilly Lehmann
Being American: an Arab American Thanksgiving William G. Lockwood and Yvonne R. Lockwood
The Fine Art of Eighteenth-Century Table Layouts Fiona Lucraft
The Medieval Arab Meal, East and West Charles Perry
African American Meals from Slavery to Soul Food Tracy N. Poe
A Sumptuous Meal: Navigating the Laws Restricting Wedding Banquets of Fourteenth-century Florence Eden Rain
Lust, Fear and Loathing on the Village Green Gillian Riley
Meals and Morality Barbara Santich
Manners Maketh the Meal: Table Etiquette in England and Iran Margaret Shaida
A Northern Gourmet: Benjamin Newton on the Move, 1816–1818 Layinka M Swinburne
From Menu, to Recipe, to Meal: a Renaissance Wedding Banquet David S. Walddon
Colonel Hawker Tells How to Get a Decent Meal with a Bad Cook and Poor Ingredients Harlan Walker
Charles Fourier (1772–1837) and the Phalansterian Banquet Bee Wilson
Drink in the Structure of the Meal: Middle Eastern Patterns Sami Zubaida