Milk: Beyond the Dairy


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Published Aug 2000

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Oxford Symposium

Milk: Beyond the Dairy

Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 1999

This is the seventeenth volume of the ongoing series of papers and submissions to the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery, the longest running food history conference in the world.

The subject this year revolves around milk and milk products, their uses in food and cookery through the ages and, as important, their substitutes. This broad definition gives rise to a very wide range of essays and studies. including: The hierarchy of milk in the Renaissance and Marsilio Ficino on the rewards of old age.

Low-temperature cheese-making, ancient wisdom not outdated

Artisnal and regional cheeses of Greece

Condensed milk and culinary innovation

The art of making Brie de Meaux Fermier

Animal husbandry and other issues in the dairy industry

The origins of the New York dairy industry

The origin and history of the ice-cream cone

Milk and its by-products in ancient Persia and modern Iran

Mother’s milk

Milk and its products in ancient Rome

The cheeses of Hokkaido and other milky issues in a ricist society

Cato’s Roman cheesecakes

The origins of Béchamel sauce

Medieval Arab dairy products

There are upwards of 30 papers by academics from Britain, America and other countries.


Milk and its Uses in Assyrian Folklore Michael Abdalla
Milk: Nutritious and Dangerous Ken Albala
Milk and its Products in Ancient Rome Joan P. Alcock
The Cheeses of Hokkaido and other Milky Issues in a Ricist Society Michael Ashkenazi
How the Bengalis Discovered Chhana and its Delightful Offspring Chitrita Banerji
Touloumotyro: Centuries Old and About to Die Rosemary Barron
Milk and its By-products in Ancient Persia and Modern Iran Najmieh Batmanglij
Rabbits, Fondues and Physics Tony Blake
Milk-borne Diseases: An Historic Overview and Status Report Fritz Blank
Hawking Milk: The Public Health Profession, Pure Milk, and the Rise of Advertising in Early Twentieth-century America Daniel Ralston Block
The Hierarchy of Milk in the Renaissance, and Marsilio Ficino on the Rewards of Old Age Phyllis Pray Bober
New York Milk Culture: Some History, Facts and Concerns Una Bray
Farmhouse Gouda: A Dutch Family Business Janny de Moor
Milk and Dairy Products in the Roman Period Carol A. Déry
Carabao Milk in Philippine Life Doreen G. Fernandez
A Spring-house in Pennsylvania: Design and Use Rebecca Fitzjohn and Harlan Walker
How Old is Old Cheese? Gamalost in Coffin-shaped Boxes and Eccentric Jars Ove Fosså
The Origins of Taste in Milk, Cream, Butter and Cheese Sarah Freeman and Silvija Davidson
Cato’s Roman Cheesecakes: The Baking Techniques Sally Grainger
Dairy Food in the UAE Philip Iddison
What’s in a Name? Some Thoughts on the Origins, Evolution and Sad Demise of Béchamel Sauce Cathy K. Kaufman
Low-temperature Cheese-making: Ancient Wisdom not Outdated Lidia Kitrilakis and Sotiris Kitrilakis
The Artisanal and Regional Cheeses of Greece Diane Kochilas
Fresh From the Cow’s Nest: Condensed Milk and Culinary Innovation Rachel Laudan
The Rise of the Cream Sauce, 1660–1760 Gilly Lehmann
Finnish-American Milk Products in the Northwoods Yvonne R. Lockwood & William G. Lockwood
Names for Milk and Milk Products Jenny Macarthur
The Milk-tie Jeremy MacClancy
The Health Hazards of Milk H. Morrow Brown
The Art of Making Brie de Meaux Fermier Lizabeth Nicol
Medieval Arab Dairy Products Charles Perry
Images of Progress: Milk Advertisements in Greece Elia Petridou
Cheese in Art Gillian Riley
Animal Husbandry and Other Issues in the Dairy Industry at the End of the Twentieth Century Cherry Ripe
Sandesh: An Emblem of Bengaliness Colleen Taylor Sen
Yoghurt in Iran Margaret Shaida
The Origins of the New York Dairy Industry Andrew F. Smith
The Wet-nurse Raymond Sokolov
Milky Medicine and Magic Layinka M. Swinburne
More on the Origin and History of the Ice-cream Cone Robin Weir
Use of Almonds in Late-medieval English Cookery Caroline Yeldham
La Laiterie de la Reine at Rambouillet Carolin C. Young