Food and the Memory


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Published Sep 2001

300 pages; 172×245 mm; paperback



Oxford Symposium

Food and the Memory

Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2000

This is the eighteenth volume of the ongoing series of papers and submissions to the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery, the longest running food history conference in the world.The subject this year is more speculative than is often the case and contributors have ranged widely over a topic which allows them to explore the psychological bases of food consumption and the development of cookery, as well as more obvious excursions down memory lane in pursuit of food and drink.

There are upwards of 30 papers from food historians based in Britain, United States, Japan and the Far East, Australia, and Northern Europe.


Folk Tale Memories as Illustrated and Interpreted in the Fairy Story of Hansel and Gretel Joan P. Alcock
Madeleines and Other Aides-mémoire: the Importance of Food References in Proust’s Recherche Rose Arnold
Omiyage: Constructed Memories and Reconstructed Travel in Japan Michael Ashkenazi
The Language of Flavour: Learning and Memory Anthony Blake
Amarcord: the Flavour of Buried Memories John F. Carafoli
Spice Memories Fred Czarra
Dining With the Caesars Andrew Dalby
Journeys through Smell and Taste: Home, Self, Identity Ferda Erdinç
Whisky Sours, Flapjacks and Woodsmoke: a Century in the Life of an Adirondack Picnic Elizabeth Field
Memories of M.F.K. Fisher Geraldene Holt
Memory as a Culinary Skill and Necessity Philip Iddison
Remembrance of Meals Past: Cooking by Apicius’ Book Cathy K. Kaufman
The Diet of the Greeks: ‘Genetic’ and Recent Memories Sotiris Kitrilakis and Lidia Kitrilakis
Food as a Vehicle for Remembering: the Case of the Thessalonikan Jews Vasiliki Kravva
Notes on an Eighteenth-century Manuscript Recipe Book Janet Laurence
Food History and the Death of Memory Gerald Mars and Valerie Mars
The Digest of Memory: Food, Health and Upbringing in Early Childhood Stephen Massil
Damra Bound: Indian Echoes in Guyanese Foodways Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra
A Scientific Approach to Flavours and Olfactory Memory Marcia Levin Pelchat and Fritz Blank
Learning by Mouth: Edible Aids to Literacy Gillian Riley
Food and Forgetfulness at Socratic Symposia Luciana Romeri
The Memory Factor in American Breakfast Joints Robert Rubright
Devouring the City Alice Wooledge Salmon
From Pharmacy to Fast Food: the Evolution of the Persian Kitchen Margaret Shaida
A Slice of the Moon Sue Shephard
The Bialy Eaters: the Story of a Bread and a Lost World Mimi Sheraton
Passionate for the Pasty: the Cornish Pasty in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Leslie Cory Shoemaker
False Memories: the Invention of Culinary Fakelore and Food Fallacies Andrew F. Smith
Memories of a Vanishing Eskimo Cuisine Zona Spray
Prisoners of the Rising Sun: Food Memories of American POWs in the Far East During World War II Jan Thompson
Between Their Memories and Mine: Confit Revisited Renée Valeri
The Velveeta Chronicles: a Food Memoir Phyllis Weaver
Memories of a Time, Place and People where Food Nurtured Intimate Social Community Values: Thai Street Vendors, a Vanishing Human Connection Su-Mei Yu
Breakfast in Memory Sami Zubaida