Food and Morality


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Published Aug 2008

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Oxford Symposium

Food and Morality

Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 2007

In this continuing series, the topic of morality embraces a wide range of essays from English, American and overseas scholars who ponder contemporary questions such as eating foie gras, advertising junk food, and master and servant relationships as well as historical studies concerning fasting in the Reformation, food in Dickens’s novels, the ethics of early gastronomy and Jainism and food.In nigh on forty essays the whole question of the interplay between our eating habits and ethics is covered from multiple angles. The rise of ecological awareness and the intimate connection between food habits and the big questions of life such as Global Warming make the topic one of the most popular among present students of foodways. This volume will be a significant addition to the present debate.


Food in a Time of War: Food Rationing in Britain during World War II Joan P. Alcock
The Moral Economy of Red Meat in Australia Rachel A. Ankeny
The Civility of Eating Robert Appelbaum
From Rules to Principles: The Transformation of a Jewish Agricultural Ethic Travis Berg
‘Torah On the Table’: A Sensual Morality Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus
From Necessity to Virtue: The Secondary Uses of Bread in Italian Cookery Anthony F. Buccini
Food, Morality, and Politics: The Spectacle of Dog-Eating Igorots at the St Louis World Fair Bel S. Castro
Les Halles and the Moral Market: Frigophobia Strikes in the Belly of Paris Kyri Watson Claflin
Virtuous Food: ‘Conscientious Production’ as Moral Imperative Michaela DeSoucey & Gary Alan Fine
Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow and Other Lessons Learned from Last Meals Doug Duda
Scientists and Food – Moral, Immoral or Amoral? Len Fisher
Smell and Morality in the Dining Environment Charles Foster-Hall
The Foie Gras Fracas: Sumptuary Law as Animal Welfare? Cathy K. Kaufman
Why not Eat Pets? Bruce Kraig
How Clean Is Your Plate? Steven Kramer
Refined Cuisine or Plain Cooking? Morality in the Kitchen Rachel Laudan
Morality and Servants of Empire: A Look at the Colonial Kitchen and the Role of Servants in India, Malaysia, and Singapore Cecilia Leong-Salobir
The Morality of Anti-Picnics Walter Levy
How the Judged became the Judge: the Glutton, the Voluptuary, and the Epicure in Early Gastronomic Literature Llio Teleri Lloyd-Jones
Moral Fiber: Bread in Nineteenth-Century America Mark McWilliams
‘Feed their vile bodies…starve their immortal souls’: Food as Moral Instructor in Nineteenth-century Homes and Schools Tani A. Mauriello
The Ethics of Food and Environmental Challenges Brian Melican and Edward Maxwell
‘Morality touched by emotion’: Food in the Novels of Dickens Anne Mendelson
¡Prohibidísimo!!! Alicia Ríos
Jainism: The World’s Most Ethical Religion Colleen Taylor Sen
Mustapha Mond down on the Farm Alexia Genese Smith and James Gates Ferguson, Jr.
Marketing Junk Food to Children in the United States Andrew F. Smith
Piscinae and the Myth of Roman Decadence at Table Raymond Sokolov
Plainness and Virtue in New England Cooking Keith Stavely and Kathleen Fitzgerald
The Poppy: Potent yet Frail Aylin Öney Tan
‘Quality food, honestly priced’: Traders and Tricksters in Ben Jonson’s Bartholomew Fair Tracy Thong
Food on Trial Elizabeth M. Williams
Cacao in Brazil or the History of a Crime Marcia Zoladz