Feasting and Fasting


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Published Sep 1991

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Oxford Symposium

Feasting and Fasting

Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 1990

There was a fine range of papers submitted to this Symposium in 1990. The keynote talks were by Theodore Zeldin, Astri Riddervold, Bjorn Fjellheim and Marit Ekne Ruud (as the names may indicate, these last three authors hail from Norway). The sorts of feasts discussed by the various contributors include medieval banquets by Professor Phyllis Bober, the Bayeux Tapestry by Robert Chenciner, Early Greek Banquets by Andrew Dalby, Anatolian Feasts by Nevin Halici, Thai Feasts by Philip Iddison, The First Communion Banquet by Alicia Rios, and Table Decoration in the Netherlands by Joop Witteveen.

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Fasts & Feasts – an Introduction Theodore Zeldin
Traditional Foodways, Fast and Feast Astri Riddervold
Three Whole Days to an End, The Norwegian Peasant Wedding Feast as a Social Mirror Bjorn Fjellheim
From Everyday Diet to Feast Food: an Example from the Hemsedal Marit Ekne Ruud
The Way the Contemporary Western Assyrians in the Middle East take Food during Fasts and Church Holidays Michael Abdalla
The Festival of Christmas Joan P. Alcock
Emma’s Wedding Feast – a Glance at Flaubert’s Madame Bovary Rose Arnold
Kalach, Kolatch, Kulitch – Challah? Josephine Bacon
The Black or Hell Banquet Professor Phyllis. P. Bober
The Bayeux Tapestry Shish Kebab Mystery Robert Chenciner
Iguanas, Chocolate, Muskrats, and a Glimpse of Cochineal Dr. Sophie D. Coe
On the Edge of the Feast, Outsiders in Early Greece Andrew Dalby
Tradition and Innovation in the Pacific Northwest Outdoor Feast John Doerper
Below-the-salt Cookery Christopher Driver
Feasts of the Fur Traders Dorothy Duncan
Butter before Guns Hugo Dunn-Meynell
Food for Family and Friends from Shrove Tide to Easter Dr. Johanna M.P. Edema with Mrs. Katinka Hermans
The Politics and Social Implications of Tableware for Feasting Elizabeth Gabay
White Foods in Anatolian Feasts Nevin Halici
Texas Barbecue: A Feast for all Classes Sharon Hudgins
Notes on Fasting and Feasting in Thailand Philip Iddison
Fasting and Feasting among Oregon’s Russian Old Believers Mary Wallace Kelsey
Fasting on Rumfordsche Suppe (circa 1791) and Woolton Pie (circa 1941). Feasting in Oxford, Capenhurst and Hammersmith Nicholas Kurti
Royal Feasts Janet Laurence
Feasting after Fasting in Archib Village, Dagestan Dr. Magomedkhan Magomedkhanov
The St. Joseph Day Altars of New Orleans Richard C. Mieli
Dutch Treats or Festive Food in an Affluent Society Ileen Montijn
Elements of Arab Feasting Charles Perry
L’ordre de bon temps: Good Cheer as the Answer Jo Marie Powers
Beans for the Dead Gillian Riley
The First Communion Banquet Alicia Rios
A Perfect Feast? Preventative Medicine and Diet in Medieval France Brenda S. Rose
Serendipity Alice Wooledge Salmon
The Golden Spice from Ancient Persia Margaret Shaida
Feasts in the Archaeological Record Paul Stokes
Feasts and Fasts. As Described, Documented and Illustrated in the Johnson & Wales University Culinary Archives and Museum, Providence, Rhode Island Louis I. Szathmary
Twelfth Night Greta Verdin
Feasts in Jordan and the Transkei Kathie Webber
Of Sugar and Porcelain. Table Decoration in the Netherlands in the 18th Century Joop Witteveen
Ramadhan: Fasting and Feasting Sami Zubaida
Dinner on Saturday Evening – Menu and Recipes Lisa Chaney and Harlan Walker
Welsh Food and Drinks Offered at Lunch on 23rd September Gilli Davies