The Good Housewife’s Jewel

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ISBN-13 (Hardback): 9781870962124
Price (Hardback): £18.99 / $25.00
ISBN (eBook): 9781781798515
Price (eBook) Individual £18.99 / $25.00 Institutional £18.99 / $25.00
Publication: 01/01/1996
Pages: 178 Size 216 mm x 140 mm


Thomas Dawson

16th Century Cookery Writer

Edited by

Maggie Black
Food historian

Written for the growing middle classes in Elizabethan England and published in 1596/7 this is a sophisticated cookery book which includes many herbal treatments and applications. As a cookery writer, Thomas Dawson place is firmly between the late medieval tradition of the fourteen and fifteenth centuries and the more florid cookery books that came later. Nothing is known about the patrons for whom he worked or wrote this book for but they must have come from the growing middle class. This is good food,of a very high order not over-decorated and not too fatty but cooked simply with an interesting variety of tastes.

Series: Southover Press Historic Cookery and Housekeeping


Table of Contents


Introduction vii-xiv
Maggie Black
Editor’s Note xv-xvi
Maggie Black

1 Boiling and Stewing 9-36

2 Roasting, Frying, Fritters and Puddings 39-46

3 Miscellaneous Savoury Recipes 49-55

4 Baking 59-81

5 Eggs and Cream

6 Fruit and Preserving 93-108

7 Salads and Vegetables 111-114

8 Banqueting Food 117-120

9 Three Drinks 123

10 Husbandry 127-132

11 Remedies 135-151

End Matter

Glossary 154-156

Index 158-160