PPC 123 (September 2022)



Petits Propos Culinaires 123 is full of unique food history, including a description of Indian pudding, a cake made with corn enriched with milk and eggs, to be consumed with platters of clams, oysters and roast venison; it was served at the Old Colony Club dinner on December 22, 1769 Forefather’s Day in Massachusetts, USA. The history of the ‘First Thanksgiving’ comes to us from Keith Stavely and Kathleen Fitzgerald.

Also in this issue are articles on sweetmeats made in Windsor for British Kings over the centuries, and what the drinking cultures of France and Aotearoa, New Zealand have in common. Indeed, drinking has always been seen as an essential part of New Zealand culture. However, the three stages of becoming a gastronome are here delved into by the authors, Max Thomson and Lindsay Neill,  and readers can judge for themselves and decide if they are a Novice, a Learner, or an Expert, depending on how developed ones palette and skills are in identifying surprise ingredients.


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16 Native Land, Pilgrims’ Pride: an Updated History of the American Thanksgiving

Keith Stavely and Kathleen Fitzgerald

45 From Banquet to Dessert: the English Sweet Course 1500–1700

Mary-Anne Boermans

73 Modern Recipes: the Need to Communicate

Peter Hertzmann

94 Notions of a Non-drinking Gastronome: Experiences from Aotearoa New Zealand

Max Thomson and Lindsay Neill

113 Book Reviews