PPC 122 (April 2022)



PPC 122 takes the reader from Margot la ravadeuse’s early life in a brothel, where she cut her teeth in the sex trade, seduced by a feast of ragout with wine as her introduction, as she gradually realised her fellow diners are sex workers. The meal descends to a drunken brawl. As a palate cleanser, Nader Mehravari gives us the refreshingly sour taste of Persian yogurt. PPC 122 is a cornucopia of culinary information that would take a lifetime to gather; savour it all in the comfort of your home.


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13 Men, Money and Meals: an Alimentary Reading of Margot la ravaudeuse (1753)
Catherine Rose Ellis

33 Yogurt in Persian Cookery
Nader Mehravari

46 Travellers in Provence
Barbara Santich

60 ‘The Alpha and the Omega’: Women’s Empowerment in Nineteenth-Century English Cookery and Conduct Books Written by Women
Fanny Yonish

82 Kansas City-Style Upscale Dining
Andrea Broomfield

100 Biogastronomica II
Andrew Dalby

106 ‘Mother of Happy Endings’ and the Indian Mirror
Nawal Nasrallah

114 Reflections on Snapper Soup
Blake Perkins

122 Book Reviews