PPC 061 (PDF only)




7 Parmesan Pie (Part Two), Anna Martellotti

16 Mrs Eell’s ‘Unique Receipts’, David Potter

19 Fruits, Ice and Coffee in 17th century Persia, Sir John Chardin

28 A Taste of Japanese Junk Food, Gil Asakawa

30 A Nineteenth Century Ottoman Gentleman’s Cookbook, Priscilla Mary Isin

38 Some remarks about the translation of Yun Lintang Yinshi Zhidu Ji published in PPC 60, Françoise Sabban

42 More Rotted Barley, Charles Perry

44 Stephen Facciola: Author of Cornucopia II, David Karp

48 Book Reviews

58 Notes and Queries

64 Our Addresses and Prices