PPC 052 (PDF only)




6 Tribute to Michael McKirdy

7 Notes from the Editors

8 Curry Rice: Gaijin Gold — How the British Version of an Indian Dish Turned Japanese, Keiko Ohnuma

16 One Lump or Two? Tea Consumption in 18th-Century Britain, Simon Varey

22 A Rattle in the Throat: The Unmentionable Cuisine, Sam Arnold

26 Down at the Old Twisted Posts, Ivan Day

34 The Story of the Black Teapots, Helen Gustafson

38 Debris from Roman Butchery, Paul Stokes

48 Trifles Again — of Albania, of Malta, in an Aphrodisiac Role, etc etc, Various Contributors

51 Musings on Syllabub, or Couldn’t Charles II Smell It?, Vicky Williams

55 Book Reviews

61 Notes and Queries

64 Our Addresses and Prices