PPC 051 (PDF only)




7 News from the Editors: The Oxford Symposium and the Sophie Coe Memorial Prize

11 Viper Soup, Viper Broth, Viper Wine, Jennifer Stead

15 ‘Nondescript Gallimaufries’ or Sophisticated Spicings? A Revaluation of Mediaeval Cuisine, Barbara Santich

27 By the Baths of Caracalla: A Major Resource for Food Historians Unveiled, Alan Davidson

32 Trifling Points, Various contributors

37 The Chekich in England, Peter Brears

40 Zukanda and Other Delicacies: haute cuisine in the days of the Hammurabi, Eveline J van der Steen

47 Rau Ram, Dr Robert Bond

51 Bookish Comments from the Chateau du Fey, Anne Willan & Mark Cherniavsky

53 Book Reviews

62 Notes and Queries

68 Our Addresses and Prices