PPC 050




7 A Message from the Editors

8 What Was the Old Woman Doing?, Gillian Riley

11 Whims and Fancies of a Trifle-lover, Helen J. Saberi

22 Preserved Lemons, Charles Perry

25 Winter Comforts: Cooking Scenes in Medieval Calendars, Bridget Ann Henisch

34 Some Thoughts on the Classic French Chocolate Mousse, Audrey Levy

36 From Quarter-deck to Cooking Pot, Michael D. Coe and Ernesto Vitetti

41 The Denby Dale Pie, Laura Mason

46 On Long-cooked Eggs, Harold McGee

51 Welsh Cookery Books, R. Elwyn Hughes

54 Hell Upon Earth, or The Joys of Viper Soup, Simon Varey

57 Book Reviews

61 Notes and Queries

64 Our Addresses and Prices