PPC 049




7 Formulae Most Secret: Fragments of the History of the Pear, Ian Jackson

18 A Spicy Mystery, Part Three: Bois de Panama, the Verdict from Kew, Anissa Helou

22 Written in Sugar: the Phenomenology of Rock, Laura Mason

27 Poffertjes (aka Bollebuisjes), Joop Witteveen

29 Dock Pudding — A Documentary History, Jennifer Stead

35 No Other Place Like Smith’s, Donna McDonald

39 Ethiopia — A Culinary Profile, Charles Perry

42 Where are the Pouting Nibblers of Yesteryear? or, What Happened to Boudoir Biscuits?, Helen J. Saberi

46 Stewkey Blues, Roy Shipperbottom

49 Book Reviews

57 Notes and Queries

64 Our Addresses and Prices