PPC 027 (PDF only)




7 Les Galettes des Rois, James Bauman

17 The Dowager Queen’s Closet Opened, Mark Cherniavsky

20 ‘Snails’, ‘Caterpillars’ and ‘Worms’, Marjorie Cohn

30 Two Recipes from Ancient Mexico, Gilbert A. Voss

34 Mothering a ‘Mum’, Pamela Vandyke Price

37 El Arte del Tapeo, Alicia Rios

46 A Further Tale of the Skate, Mimi Errington

47 Baklava Not Proven Greek, Charles Perry

49 Udder and Other Extremities: Recipes from the Jews of Yemen, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

51 Book Reviews

54 Notes and Queries

64 Our Addresses and Prices