PPC 022




6 Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7 Notes from the Editors

9 Stale Bread and Economical Rissoles, A Young Bibliographer’s Perplexities, Dena Attar

18 Eating the Queen of the Night, Thomas Flögel

20 A Winged Epicure, some Preliminary Findings, Lynda Brown

30 Second Symposium of Australian Gastronomy: a Report, Barbara Santich

32 Seeing Through Glasse, Sarah Gillies

33 The Food (and Drink) Scene in Paris, 1698, Dr Martin Lister

58 Some Treasures in the New York Academy of Medicine Library, Anne M. Pascarelli

62 A Glimpse of Primitive Cookery

64 Book Reviews

72 Notes and Queries

80 Our Addresses and Prices