PPC 017




6 Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7 Notices from the Editors

9 The Dubious Competition: A Report by The Judge, D. Jon Grossman

15 Charr, a Northern Fish, Charlotte Kipling

22 Food at the Late Stuart and Hanoverian Courts, Stephen Mennell

30 Weighing in the Kitchen, Michael A. Crawforth

38 Photographer’s Cheesecake, B. A. Henisch

44 The Mediaeval French Entremets, Terence Scully

57 Puff Paste is Spanish, Charles Perry

62 Beer in Rural Ireland Before 1850, Jillian Strang

65 George Orwell on Food, Maggie Black

67 Notes and Queries

Samphire and ‘Bazilles’, Barbara Santich: Lavandade, James Peterson: Tous Les Mois, H. M. Pollard: Shrinking Mouths?, Kate Levenson: A Discovery in Bath, Hugh Roberts: Specialist Booksellers, The Editors: Old German Cookery Books, Ulf Lochner

71 Book Reviews

R. E. F. Smith & D. Christian, Bread and Salt: John Bultitude, Apples: Joy Larkcom, The Salad Garden: Mary Randolph, The Virginia Housewife (ed Karen Hess): The Jewish Manual: Miss Drake, Everylady Cook-Book: Alice Wooledge Salmon & Hugo Dunn-Meynell, The Wine and Food Society Menu Book: Josephine Bacon, The Citrus Cookbook: Amanda Closs, Tastes of the Channel Isles: Arto der Haroutunian, Vegetarian Dishes from the Middle East and Middle Eastern Cookery: Ashkain Skipwith, Ashkhain’s Second Desert Cookery: Judy Wells & Rick Johnson, The Pie’s The Limit: Margaret Leeming & Mutsuko Kohsaka, Japanese Cookery: Yolande Cools-Lartigue, The Art of Caribbean Cooking: Alfredo Viazzi, Cucina e Nostalgia and Italian Cooking: Angus Cameron & Judith Jones, The L. L. Bean Game and Fish Book: Monica Ellis, Ice and Ice Houses Through the Ages: Brood (catalogue of exhibition on bread): Sally Kevill-Davies, Jelly Moulds: and Short Notices of Reissues

80 Our Addresses and Prices