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6 Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7 Notices from the Editors

8 Eating with Mrs Rundell, Ray Batchelor

13 Soviet Cook Books, Sophie Coe

28 Papeda Dingin, Papeda Dingin. . . Notes on the Culinary Uses of Palm Sago in the Central Moluccas, Roy Ellen and Nicola Goward

35 Pocket Knives at Table? Whatever Next, Simon Moore

42 The Moleschott Figures, Jane O’ Hara-May

49 Reprints of Old Italian Books on Cookery and Food, Carlo Mussa

56 Book Reviews

Mrs Cromwell’s Cookery Book: Grimod de la Reynière, Manuel des Amphitryons: Ned Rival, Grimod de la Reynière: ‘Nourritures’ (issue 5 of Mediévales): Janice & Daniel Longone, American Cookbooks and Wine Books 1797-1950: Moira Buxton, Medieval Cooking Today: Darra Goldstein, A la Russe: Nela Rubinstein, Nela’s Cookbook: Theodora Fitzgibbon, Irish Traditional Food: Enid Gordon & Midge Shirley, The Belgian Cookbook: Sheldon Greenberg & Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz, The Spice of Life: Katie Stewart, Katie Stewart’s Cookbook: Shona Crawford Poole, The New Times Cook Book: Martha Dahlen & Karen Phillips, A Popular Guide to Chinese Vegetables: Laura Chenel & Linda Siegfried, Chevre – The Goat Cheese Cookbook: Marti Sousanis, The Art of Filo Cookbook: Maggie Blyth Klein,The Feast of the Olive

66 Notes and Queries

No Hoax, Barbara Ketcham Wheaton: In a Pickle, John Thorne: PDT in Indiana, John Thorne: Hulluah, Lynda Brown: Capirotada Lives On, Alan Davidson: Anne Bowman, Mrs J. Halberstadt


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