PPC 013




1 Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7 A Garland for Waverley Root

9 Quizzing Glasse: or Hannah Scrutinized, Part I, Jennifer Stead

25 The Enlightened Taste of Mlle Le Masson Le Golft, Joseph W. Konvitz

27 Diets, Plasters and Wound Drinks: Some Alimentary Aspects of Mediaeval Medicine, C. Anne Wilson

36 The Legacy of Western Camas, Rose-Ellen Hope

42 Food Critics, Food and Society in Hong Kong, Ken Hom

48 Soyer’s Soups, Joyce Toomre

66 Gastronomic Mysteries, Pamela Vandyke Price

68 Book Reviews

Judith and Evan Jones, The Book of Bread: Barbara Maher, Cakes: Alice Waters, The Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook: Claire Clifton & Martina Nicolls, Edible Gifts: Glynn Christian, Delicatessen Food Handbook: Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz, The Fibre Cook Book: Mrs Esther Levy, Jewish Cookery Book: Lynn Visson, The Complete Russian Cookbook: and Books Received and Shorter Notices

74 Notes and Queries

Poubelles de Table, Various Contributors: A Home-made ‘Truffler’, James Peterson: Tracta and Trahanas, Lady Caroline Conran: Figgy Pudding, Maggie Black: Christmas Cake, Richard Hosking: Roasting Your Own Coffee, the same

80 Our Addresses and Prices