PPC 012 (PDF only)




6 Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7 Introduction

8 Erbaggi Mantovani: Vegetables of Mantua, Elizabeth David

14 Food in the Netherlands during World War 11, Catherine Salzman

19 On Kulich, Sophie Coe

21 The Cottage Cook, or Mrs Jones’s Cheap Dishes

37 What was Tracta?, Charles Perry

40 ‘We all Want Some Figgy Pudding’, Anne Atkins

46 Historic Kitchen Restoration: the Example of Ham House, Caroline Davidson

56 Filets de Sole a la Marguery, James M. Andrews

59 Martin Bamford… 1940-1982, Pamela Vandyke Price

61 Book Reviews

Patrick Rance, The Great British Cheese Book: William Woys Weaver (ed.), A Quaker Woman’s Cookbook: Michael Raffael, Five Star Cookery: Daniel Spoerri, Mythology and Meatballs: Meera Taneja, The Hamlyn Curry Cookbook: Pamela Vandyke Price, Enjoying Wine: and Shorter Notices and Books Received

66 Notes and Queries

Poubelles de Table, Various Correspondents: Hometown Food Nostalgia, Margaret and Allison Engel: Greensauce, & Elderflowers, Professor Constance Hieatt: Mushrooms and Kefir, Ralph Hancock: William Gelleroy, John Lyle: Capirattata and Capirotada, Barbara Santich: Ordering Books from France, Philip and Mary Hyman: A Fifth Peppercorn?, Colman Andrews: More on Long Pepper, Mrs M. J. Rogers: An Experiment with Mould, Ralph Hancock

74 Announcements: The Oxford Symposium 1983, and Book Publications

76 Our Addresses and Prices