PPC 011




6  Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7  When Shad Came In : Shad Cookery in Old Philadelphia, William Woys Weaver

20  Kosher Food, Lionel Stone

40  Shaking the Pillars, Alan Davidson

44  Wine in Seafood Cookery, Tokunbo Williams

47  Dutch Cookbooks Printed in the 16th and 17th Centuries, Berthe Meijer

55  Oxford Symposia, The Editors

56  Book Reviews

Jane Grigson, Jane Grigson’s Fruit Book (JMD): R. A. Donkin, Manna (AED): Lesley Chamberlain, The Food and Cooking of Russia (PD): Philip Karant, Roast Your Own (AED): Jen Kendell (ed.), Old Sussex Recipes (AED): Julie Lumpkin and Nancy Ann Coleman, The South Carolina Wildlife Cookbook (AED): Enid Roberts, Food of the Bards (AED): Fay Sharman, The Taste of France (AED): Sarah Freeland (ed.), International Recipe Book (JMD): and Shorter Notices and Books Received

65  Notes and Queries

A Pagination Puzzle, Mike McKirdy: Poubelles de Table, Alan and Jane Davidson: Italian Renaissance Food, Lynne Kasper: Mushrooms and Kefir, Bruce Cohen: Flowers in Cookery, Claire Clifton: Soyer’s Soups, Joyce Toomre: Forthcoming Publications, The Editors

68  Our Addresses and Prices (PPC)