PPC 010 (PDF only)




6 Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7 A Directory of Culinary and Gastronomic Studies, The Editors

8 The American Institute of Wine and Food, Alan Davidson

11 Red Peppercorns – What They Really Are, Alexandra Hicks

20 A Winter Quiche, Rosemary Davidson

21 Non-alcoholic Beverages in Nineteenth Century Russia, Graham Dix

29 A Passionate Affair, Joy Davies

32 A Dainty Dish to Set Before The Queen, Leslie T. Montgomerie

34 Britain’s Mediterranean Empire, Alice Wooledge Salmon and Hugo Dunn-Meynell

39 Schinckel’s Spice Powder, William Woys Weaver

41 Of Carp and Caliphs, David Waines

48 Notes on Persian Pasta, Charles Perry

54 Book Reviews

Gerard Chaliand, Food Without Frontiers (JMD): Priscilla Boniface, Hotels and Restaurants 1830 to the present day (CD): La Cuisiniere Bourgeoise (P&HM): Katherine G. Bitting, Gastronomic Bibliography (AED): Isaac Cronin,The International Squid Book (AED): Jacques Centelles, Les Dedans de la Méditerranée and De la Méditerranée aux Etangs et Marécages (AED): Richard H. Hooker, The Book of Chowder (AED): Catherine Brown Scottish Regional Recipes (RD): and Books Received

61 Notes and Queries

Ways of Encouraging Small Producers of Quality Foods, Keith Sowerby: Edible Molluscs and Mysterious Mr Lovell, Jane Grigson: ‘Nau de Morue’ – A Puzzle Solved, Ninette Lyon: Starting a Sourdough Culture from Scratch, Ralph Hancock: Two Tibetan Improvisations, Ralph Hancock: The Curing of Montageo or Spanish Hams, Paul G. M. Foster: Maria de Cleofa, Kathryn Welds: The Social History of Scottish Food and Drink, Alan F. Harrison: Altar Breads, Lionel Stone: Tin Apple Roasters, Caroline Davidson8

68 Our Addresses and Prices (PPC)