PPC 008 (PDF only)




6  Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7  Savour of Ice and of Roses, Elizabeth David

18  Stacked Omelette, Richard Olney

19  The Saracen Connection: Arab Cuisine and the Mediaeval West: Part II, C. Anne Wilson

29  Roaring for Mustard, William Tullberg

35  Vincent La Chapelle, Philip and Mary Hyman

41  Some Russian Concepts of Food and Cooking, Lesley Chamberlain

49  Enduring Fantasies, Alice Salmon

60  Translating Escoffier’s Le Guide Culinaire, H. L. Cracknell and R. J. Kaufmann

64  Book Reviews

68  Antiquarian and Second-hand Cookery Books: Specialist Dealers

70  Notes and Queries

76  Our Addresses and Prices