PPC 007 (PDF only)




6  Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7  A Tribute to Eleanor Lowenstein, James Beard

8  Tuscan Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Leslie Zyw with an introduction by Elizabeth David

13  The Saracen Connection: Arab Cuisine and the Mediaeval West: Part I, C. Anne Wilson

23  Shorba: A Linguistic-chemico-culinary Inquiry, Charles Perry

24  A Mussel-feast in the Charente-Maritime, Rosemary Hanson

26  Terrines, Richard Olney

30  Agresto, Elizabeth David

32  Sofia Notebook, Alan Davidson

37  Yan and Ying Today, Elaine Kris

47  Reprints of Old German Cookery Books, Uta Schumacher-Voelker

56  Elderflower, Jenny Kenrick

59  José Wilson, Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz

60  Book Reviews

62  Antiquarian and Second-hand Cookery Books: Specialist Dealers in Britain

63  Notes and Queries

68  IOur Addresses and Prices