PPC 006 (PDF only)




6  Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7  Introduction, The Editors

8  An Oxford Symposium, 19 September 1981, The Editors

9  Mafalda, Giovanna, Giulia, Elizabeth David

16  Early Arab Cooking and Cookery Manuscripts, Claudia Roden

28  Botanists at the Dinner Table, Ian Jackson

31  The Role of Cookery Books in a Professional Kitchen, David Adlard

34  German Cookery Books, 1485-1800, Uta Schumacher-Voelker

47  Speculations on Peppers, Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz

50  Long Pepper: A Short History, Philip and Mary Hyman

53  Of Lumpydicks and Pandewaff, Peter Brears

56  Syllabub: A French View, Elizabeth David

58  Book Reviews

62  Selected Recipes

67  Notes and Queries

72  Information about Our Addresses and Prices