PPC 005 (PDF only)




6  Note on Bibliographies Used and Abbreviations

7  In Pescod Time…I Went to Gather Strawberries, Elizabeth David

11  To Make Strawberry Jam, Richard Olney

13  Tempe: A Javanese Health Food Comes West, Sri Owen

19  Cookery Books: a Cabinet of Rare Devices and Conceits, Lynette Hunter

35  Kuru Yemisci — Turkish Variety and Taste, Alice Salmon and Hugo Dunn-Meynell

41  The Preston Collection, John F. Preston

46  The Evolution of Bakewell Tart, Moira Buxton

52  The Travels of Dolmades, Birgit Siesby

55  Chicken Yassa, Eva Gillies

59  A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Elizabeth David

63  Book Reviews and Notices

66  Notes and Queries

72  Information about Our Addresses and Prices (and an Interesting Notice about our First Book)