PPC 002 (PDF only)




6  Note on bibliographies used and abbreviations

7  Introduction

8  Operation Mulberry, Elizabeth David

10  The French Connection, Part One, C. Anne Wilson

18  Custard Tarts, Tante Ursule

20  The Use of Copper in Cooking, Alan Davidson

23  Fromages glacés and Iced Creams, Elizabeth David

36  Waist-deep in Ice Cream, The Editors

37  A Fishy Miscellany, Matti Toivakka and others

40  Book Reviews

44  La Chapelle and Massialot: an Eighteenth Century Feud, Philip and Mary Hyman

55  Spoon Feeding, Myra and Lionel Stone

56  A Matter of Form; and one of Texture, Nathan d’Aulnay

58  The Chafing Dish, Karen Hess

61  Tabbouleh! Tabbouleh! Tabbouleh!, Claudia Roden

64  Kibbeh Nayyeh, Suad Aljure

66  No Fellow, Elizabeth David

68  Concerning Coriander, Elizabeth David

71  Notes and Queries