Making Bread at Home

Making Bread at Home

ISBN-13 978-1-909248-31-1
Expected publication date Mar 2015
176 pages; 187×137 mm; paperback with flaps; 25 b&w, 20 colour illustrations
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Tom Jaine

Making Bread at Home

Fifty Recipes from Around the World

  Making Bread at Home was first published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in 1995. It was sold around the world in languages as diverse as French and Finnish. This is a new revised edition with different photographs and some new recipes.Making bread is one of the most fundamental acts of the home cook. Successful bread making cuts you free from dependence on supermarkets, mass produced sliced whites and all the dross of the modern bakery trade. It also fills your house with the most delectable aromas. Many people find it both liberating and calming: almost an act of meditation before the stove. All these reasons must have contributed to the remarkable rise in home bread making in the last twenty years.The merit of this book is that it is feasible for all levels of bread makers. So many people have said that this book has drawn them into the process; has laid bare in simple terms what must be done and how best to do it. There are not too many recipes, but their range is such that all tastes can be satisfied. After an introductory chapter setting the whole business in context, there are five sections covering French breads; Italian breads; British breads; European breads; and American breads, with a final section ranging the world to offer such things as Ethiopian Injera and Guatamalan sweet buns. Tom Jaine is the publisher at Prospect Books, which he has run since 1993. He has been a restaurateur, an author of cookbooks, editor of the Good Food Guide, and editor of the revised editions of the Oxford Companion to Food.

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