PPC 119 (April 2021)

PPC 119

PPC 119 takes us from Vienna in the 1920s, to a brilliantly funny essay on rhyming Cockney slang by Blake Perkins. Try out these on your friends, 'ship in full sail' for 'pint of ale'; 'Jack the Rippers' for kippers, and 'fisherman's water' for daughter (the mind boggles). The Viennese essay is by Susanne Belovari, and was the winner of the 2020 of the Sophie Coe Prize. It details the history of the volume, Viennese Cooking by Adolf and Olga Hess, a bible of Jewish cooking which used to be given to every bride as she started to run a Jewish household. The other essays are equally erudite, and we urge you to buy the issue using the tab below.


23 The Viennese Cuisine before Hitler – ‘One Cuisine in the Use of Two Nations’

Susanne Belovari

57 Cockneys, their Slang and the Kitchen Blake Perkins

72 Adam and Eve’s Wheat Porridge Mary Işin

86 A New Idea Regarding the Origin of Porter’s Name Gary Gillman

92 Yanz: Grain in Ras-al Kaimah Phil Iddison

107 The Name and Taste of Indo-European Mead Andrew Dalby

117 The Etymology of Mushroom and Thoughts on Early Use William Sayers

120 Gleaning: Picking up on the Etymology William Sayers

125 Book Reviews

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