PPC 077 (December 2004)



PPC 77 (December 2004)



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9 Parisian Bread circa 1654 William Rubel
12 Panificium John Evelyn: a reprint
23 Les Deuces de la Campagne Nicolas Bonnefons: an extract
34 The Food of the North Jane Stevenson & Peter Davidson
43 The Children of Angus Fiona Murray
51 The Uranium Spider Corinna Sargood
60 A Place of Guy Lisa Curtis
69 A Gastronomic Salute to Haiti’s Bicentennial Dana Little
87 A Surreptitious Snack: The Evolution of Elevenses Jane Levi
100 There’s a Different History Yvonne Green
102 The Original al-Baghdadi Charles Perry
104 Dining on Turtle Sandra Sherman
120 La Gastronomie, the third canto Joseph Berchoux
132 Platina, Brantôme and the Female Libido Andrew Dalby
138 Book Reviews  
144 Notes & Queries