2020 First Catch Your Gingerbread

2020 First Catch Your Gingerbread

ISBN 13: 978-1-909248-69-4 Paperback, full colour Publication date: November 2020 256 pages 234 x 156mm Price: £15.00

Gingerbread is a lovely treat which has played a part in almost everyone's childhood. But what was gingerbread made of when it first arrived on our plates? When did treacle, dark and sticky, first become available? And why did the gingerbread man leap from the tin, and run so fast with a fox snapping at its heels?

Sam Bilton examines the history of gingerbread, from ancient times down to the present day, before introducing us to a range of delicious gingerbread and ginger cake recipes that bring the story of this spicy and much loved treat to life.


Sam Bilton is a broadcaster for the BBC, writer of articles for English Heritage, and runs events at The Garden Museum, Lambeth, at various museums and venues around the UK, including Royal Horticultural Shows. She also hosts Supper Clubs and blogs at 'comfortablyhungry.com'.

Annie Gray (food historian, The Kitchen Cabinet) 'Well, this book is a real treat!' 


Introduction: What Is It About Gingerbread?  
Chapter One: Ancient Origins of Gingerbread  
Chapter Two: Medieval Gingerbread  
Chapter Three: Everyman's Gingerbread  
Chapter Four: Gingerbread Creations  
Chapter Five: All the Fun of the Fair  
Chapter Six: Decline and Rise of Gingerbread  
Part II: The Recipes  
Biscuits, Wafers & Griddle Cakes  
Bread & Yeasted Cakes  
Gingerbread Cakes  
Desserts & Sweetmeats  
Miscellaneous Recipes  
Recipe Index  
General Index  

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