PPC (Petits Propos Culinaires)

This is a journal of food studies and food history that has appeared three times a year since 1980. Review copies of books for PPC should be sent to Tom Jaine, Allaleigh House, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7DL.

Now edited by Tom Jaine (tom.jaine@prospectbooks.co.uk, PPC was founded by Alan and Jane Davidson. The late Alan Davidson was author of three standard works on seafood and fish cookery, as well as author of The Oxford Companion to Food. The editing of PPC was taken on by Tom Jaine in 2000, from issue number 64. PPC is A5 format and normally contains 128 pages. As well as articles on food history, an issue will contain several book reviews.  If you go to http://members.tripod.com/rdeh, you will find a consolidated index to numbers 1–55 as well as other information about the journal. Back numbers of the journal are available from Prospect Books at Allaleigh House in Devon (most are in stock, but not those listed below). Their individual price is £7 per issue, plus postage. If anyone wishes to buy several back issues at one time, they are advised to contact Catheryn direct by email to secure a better price on the postage. This is important! Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 21, 33, 48, 49, 51, 52, 60, 61, 73, 86, 90, 96, 97 and 102 are out of print. We will supply a PDF of any of these issues, by email, for a price of £7. We will also supply any individual article as a PDF file for £5.00. Please use this link to buy, but then email us with the details of which article, and issue of PPC it comes from, so we can email it to you.


Note that the quality of the PDF is not quite as good as the original printing since it is the result of a scan, but the information is as good as ever. If you have any queries about subscribing or purchasing back numbers; or indeed about writing or submitting something for publication, email Tom Jaine at tom.jaine@prospectbooks.co.uk If you wish you can pay for a subscription through this site:

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We have raised prices a small amount to cover postage, but the magazine is still good value and unique.

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